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Non-Domestic / Commercial Gas Training

This course is designed to enable the student to carry out work on non-domestic gas installations in a safe and competent manner.

On successful completion of the Non-Domestic / Commercial Gas course delegates will be able to:
  • State the requirements of the GAS SAFE Regulations
  • Determine the non-domestic / commercial pipework is installed in accordance with the current codes of practice
  • Explain the principles of the combustion process
  • Recognise the components of gas burners and state their function
  • STate ventilation requirements for non-domestic / commercial gas appliances
  • Identify types of flue systems for non-domestic / commercial gas appliances
  • Recognise components of the gas system and understand their operation
  • Carry out soundness testing on non-domestic / commercial gas installation to the current code of practice
  • Carry out purging of non-domestic / commercial gas installations to the current code of practice.
    Course Content
  • Gas Safety Regulations
  • Large pipework installation
  • Combustion and its control
  • Flues and Ventilation
  • Soundness testing
  • Purging procedures
  • Appliance commissioning
    The options available to are:
  • Core Commercial Gas Safety (COCN1)
  • Changeover from Domestic to Commercial Gas Safety (CODNCO1)
  • Gas Fired Commercial Overhead Radiant / Plaque Heaters (CORT1)
  • Installation First Fix of Commercial Appliances (ICAE1)
  • Installation of Commercial Pipework - 1st Fix in excess of 28mm (ICPN1)
  • Indirect Fired Commercial Appliances (CIGA1)
  • Testing and Purging Installation Pipework (TPCP1)
  • Testing and Purging Installation Pipework (TPCP1A)
    Successful completion of the assessment leads to a ERS Nationally recognised certificate and encapsulated card, allowing the individual to register with GAS SAFE.
    Next stop…..
    CCN1 Assessment or New Entrants into the Gas Industry

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    Training: 5th & 6th June 2023

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    Non Domestic Gas Training & Assessments


    Training: 19th & 20th June 2023

    Assessments: 21st, 22nd & 23rd June 2023

















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