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New Entrants into the Gas Industry (Category 2/3)

Preferably, but not essential, prior to commencing training, you are working under the supervision of a GAS SAFE registered installer.  Alternatively, following the Gas Technology training, you will need a work placement with a GAS SAFE registered installer.

Due to the rigors of the assessment process, candidates will need to consider their position carefully as to the depth of their pure gas working experience covering core gas safety, installation and maintenance of appliances in order to obtain written evidence from the GAS SAFE registered business.  The written evidence will confirm you have undertaken ‘on the job’ gas installation or maintenance training and have experience of carrying out gas work.
Gas Technology – Off-the-Job Training – At Crownship
 4-weeks ‘block’ duration.
The purpose of this course is to provide underpinning knowledge and skill required to work effectively and safely in the Gas Central Heating Industry.  It will prepare existing trade people who hold associated skills, for the Core Gas Training prior to taking the formal assessment.
On completion of the course participants will be conversant with:
  • Use of the Gas Safety Regulations to identify and rectify contravention of the regulations
  • Understand the requirements for taking flu gas samples
  • Calculate CO/CO² ratio from a combustion sample
  • Test a flue system, using appropriate procedures
  • Calculate ventilation requirements for appliances, using the appropriate formulae
  • Determine the working and standing pressure of a gas installation
  • Determine the correct burner pressure of an appliance
  • Calculate the gas rate and heat input of an apliance burner
  • Test for soundness using the appropriate procedures, tools and equipment
  • Purge an installation using appropriate procedures
  • Safety and Legislation
  • Combustion
  • Flues and Ventilation
  • Pressure and Flow
  • Domestic installation
    All tutorials include both theory and practical elements. A process of continuous assessment is employed thoughout the course to monitor the candidate's performance.
    Practical Task (with tutoral support)
  • Flue gas analysis
  • Calculate ventilation requirement
  • Surveying and testing flues
  • Carrying out pressure tests on installation
  • Carry out burner pressure test and calculate gas rate and heat input
  • Survey installation
  • Carry out soundness test and purge installation
  • Practical assessment without assistance, based on previous practical tasks
  • Writren assessment to be completed under examination conditions, operatives must achieve 100 % miniumum to pass.
    Category 2/3 Flowchart
    Upon successful completion of the Portfolio of evidence and Approval by Crownship’s Assessor the candidate may continue to undertake the ACS assessments and additional appliances via the Category 1 route. See ACS Renewal's Explained for details on the Initial Route

    Next Course Dates: 2019

    20th April

    12th August

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